WAC I have been licensed as WB5AKU since 1969 and was active in the Navy MARS program as N0STD, and later in the Army MARS program as AAV6QC. I have always enjoyed CW and RTTY. I lived in England from 1975 to 1980 where I operated as G5BOQ, and also Holland operating as PA9AUZ. My rig includes TS-590S, MFJ-962C ATU TS-520, VFO-520 MFJ-9200 QRP Transceiver ZM-2 ATU AN/GRR-5 US Army receiver --a Marconi doublet fed with 300 ohm twinlead and --a homebrew coaxial vertical dipole, 25 feet long, built of 2" aluminum tubing. the feedline is RG8 going up through the center of the bottom half of the dipole. I have several keys A Vibroplex Champion, J-38, a US Navy flameproof, and a British clandestine key marked 1940